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Archives for October 2017

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Handling Opposition To Your Faith

BE A-17

We're going to look at how to handle opposition to our faith and we're going to look at two things: What do we need to remember when we're feeling pressure peer pressure, and what do we need to do when we're feeling peer pressure. When we're feeling harassed or put down or ridiculed or maligned, or criticized or whatever, for our faith. What do we need to do? 1. Don't Be...

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7 Steps to Get Your Spouse to Listen

BE A-16

How do you get your spouse to listen to you? What's the best way to navigate through conflict with your husband or wife? You can take any area that you need to talk about and follow these seven steps to get your spouse to listen to you. 1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT TIME Eccl. 8:6 (MSG) "There's a right time and way for everything." Timing is everything in communication. We can...

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6 Characteristics of Successful People

BE A-15

Solomon was the most successful man who ever lived. He achieved everything he ever wanted, had more wealth than anybody has ever amassed. He was an incredible achiever. Solomon, gave us six ingredients for success. 1. Work ENTHUSIASTICALLY Eccl. 9:10 (NIV) "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might..." Put your heart into it, give it your best effort. ...

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3 Ways to Be a More Considerate Spouse

BE A-14

What does consideration look like within a marriage? Consideration means you start thinking of "we" instead of "me." It means paying attention to what your spouse says. It means showing common courtesy. It means respecting and treating them with respect and with care. One of the primary purposes of marriage is to teach us how to be considerate. Why? Because Jesus is cons...

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