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How Do I Prepare for Eternity

Heaven can feel like a long way off when we get wrapped up in the day to day happenings of life.But, the truth is, eternity is closer than we think. How do we life a life that matters in light of eternity? How do we prepare? What should we even be preparing for?That's what this video devotion is all about. You can also listen to this devotion as a podcast, CLICK HERE. ...

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Are You Tired Yet?


"You bless all who depend on you for their strength." (Psalm 84:5a CEV) Are you tired? Some of you are running on steam. You're tired a lot. At the end of the day, you're worn out and you're running out of energy, and the reason why is real simple: You're a human being. We have to realize, our strength is limited. God's strength is unlimited. Our strength is finite. God'...

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What the Enemy Doesn't Want You to Know


You may not even realize this. But there's aspiritualwargoing onoveryouridentity. Satancannotcreateanything. OnlyGodcreates. God is theCreator. Satan has never created anything. Satan can onlypervert,distort, ordestroy. So what he likes to do istakewhatGodhascreatedforgoodandpervertit,distortit ordestroyit. The enemy doesn't want you to know your true identity. He doesn't...

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Why Content People Are Happy

Have you ever been a "when and then" thinker? WHEN this happens, THEN I will be happy. Content people know how enjoywhat they have right now rather than waiting for something else to happen in order to be happy. Here's how to find joy that is not connected to your circumstances. ...

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Faith: Is That How It Works? (Part 2)

Now that we've cearly defined what faith is NOT, we can talk about what faith is.If you missed Part 1, you can WATCH IT HERE. So, what is faith? Is it coming up with a plan yourself and praying hard enough that God will bless it? "You just gotta have faith!" That's a phrase we hear a lot in Christian circles, but what does that mean? What does that look like? ...

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Faith: Is That How It Works (Part 3)

This is our last video devotion in this 3-part series. If you missed the first two parts, you you can watch them below. WATCH PART 1 WATCH PART 2 In today's video devotion, you'll learn that real faith means putting your trust in God's promises and abilities, not your own plans. And THAT changes so much. Here's how faith really works... ...

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Are You Growing? Or Are You Just Doing Religious Stuff?


God wants us to grow. Growth is healthy. But, how do we measure our spiritual growth? How do we KNOW we are growing and not just doing a bunch of "spiritual activity." What does that look like? First, it's important to understand what growth is and what growth isn't. Growth is not how many. It's not how many gatherings we attend at church. It's not how many verses we me...

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Faith: Is That How it Works? (Part 1)

What does having faith look like? How does it work and how we apply it in our lives? That's what the next few devotion videos will help us understand. ...

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What Matters Most


Have you realized, have you noticed how easy it is to lose your joy over some small thing?It's usually the small irritations that cause you to lose your happiness.Somebody cuts you off in the middle of the road when you're trying to make a turn and they won't let you do it, you lose your happiness.Or you're having a bad hair day or the clothes you put on don't fit any more...

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The Good News About Temptation

While temptation is Satan's primary weapon to destroy you, God wants to use it to develop you. When we're tempted, He's our counselor. He is for us. He promises to help us if we let him. Here's the good news about temptation. ...

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Are You a Confidential Friend?


Are you a confidential friend? Can you keep a secret, even if the information is really juicy? Sometimes, we tend to think of gossip as one of those "little" sins. But when God talks about gossip, he puts it on the list with things like sexual immorality and murder. Why? Because it is so destructive to relationships. Gossip can tear apart friendships, families, and church...

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Thinking Before We Respond


What's your first reaction when someone makes you angry? Do you tend to raise your voice or get defensive? Do you default to cursing? We need to pause before we respond. Delay is a tremendous remedy for anger. I don't mean delaying indefinitely. Anger delayed indefinitely becomes bitterness and that's worse than anger. Bitterness is always a sin, anger isn't. But we need...

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When God Says, "Wait"

God is never in a hurry. His timing often feels slow to us. Have you ever tried to rush along God's plan? What do you do with your time when you are waiting on God to move or waiting on an answer to prayer? Seasons of waiting shouldn't be rushed and shouldn't be wasted. ...

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Is It Your Own Thoughts? Or is it God Speaking?


Proverbs 3:5-7 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.Then the verse goes on to say:Seek his will[God's will]in all you do,[everything you do how you spend your time, your money, relationships.Everything.]and he[God promises]will show you which path to take.Don't be impressed with your own wisdom.Instead, respect the Lord and turn ...

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How Bitterness Hurts You Most


Every single person on this Earth will be hurt at some point of their life. Someone will wound them. Sometimes the hurt will be intentional. Other times it won't be. At some point in your life, you will feel hurt by another person. I am sure you have probably already experienced some form of hurt from growing up, from friendsgossiping, a mean comment, someone leaving you,...

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Grace to Grace

Seeing things the way God sees them would change the way we think about the problems of this world. It would make us more compassionate. It would make us sad when we see injustice. It would change the way we look at ourselves. The Christian life is a continual transformation of the way we think. To think and see the way Christ thinks and sees. Wouldn't you like to see th...

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God's Way of Handling Guilt: Grace


When I was a brand new Christian, one of the first verses of the Bible that I was taught about how to live this new life that God was giving to me was 1 John 1:9 "But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness (unrighteousness)." This verse is so freeing if we allow ourselves to feel forgiven. If we...

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Dirty Water

Have you ever said something in a heated moment and thought, "I have no idea where that came from!" Whatever you put into your heart and mind is what will come out when the pressure kicks in. Pressure always reveals what's inside of you. So, how do you change your heart? How do you fix what's on the inside? That's what today's video devotions is all about. ...

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Security in God's Love


God's love is unconditional.It's not based on performance. It's not based on you measuring up.As human beings, we try to give unconditional love to other people, to our children, to our spouses. But we can't do it all the time because we're imperfect. When you say, "I love you if you love me" that's a condition -- conditional love.When you say, "I love you, if you'll marr...

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Declaring Dependence on God

Happy Independence Day! As we celebrate our Independence as a nation, I just want us to remember that sometimes Dependence can be good... in fact, it is necessary. Dependence on God is key, especially in this day and age when we can't depend on much else. ...

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Surrendering Your Future


Surrender means leaving the future to God.Youdecide that no matter what happens during this difficult season,you're going to live for God and you're going totrust him with your future. You decide not to waste today worrying about tomorrow. You decide not to side with the left or the right, you side with God. His way, not your way. Prov. 3:5-6Trust in the Lord with all yo...

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Delayed by Design

Have you ever felt like you were waiting on God? Waiting on an answer to prayer? Waiting for a promise to be fulfilled? The delay is by design. Here's what scripture tells us about waiting. ...

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How the Mask Mandate Affects SCC

By now you have probably heard about the manditory mask mandate for public meeting places in Seminole County that went into effect this week. Here is how the mask mandate impacts your Sunday morning worship experience. Pastor Jerry also offers some other options if wearing a mask is a deal-breaker for you and gives important information regarding masks and our children's...

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