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Video Devotion: His Love Covers Us

God made you toloveyou. How would understanding God'slovefor you impact the way you lived? How would it impact the way you saw God? Listen to this devotion as a podcast here. ...

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Why You Should Pray God's Promises


Did you know there are over 7,000 promises in the Bible? These promises provide the answer to all your needs and problems. And, when you're not sure what to pray, you can use them to help give words to your prayers. What is prayer? Prayer is simply talking to God. It's not just thinking about something. It's actually talking to God, a conversation with the one who has th...

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Video Devotion: Embrace Your SHAPE

What passions has God given you? What abilities? Experiences?Here's whatyourSHAPEmeans, and what to do about it. If you'd like to listen to this devotion as a podcast, click here. ...

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Video Devotion: Created for a Purpose

What is the point of life? What's the purpose? God tells us in scripture, and that's what we are unpacking in today's video devotion. Click here to listen to this devotion as a podcast. ...

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Can People Tell You're a Christian?


"Everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another"(John 13:35 NIV). The distinguishing mark of a Christian is not a cross, a crucifix, a dove, or a fish on a bumper sticker. The sign of a Christian is love. That's what Jesus says. The world will know you are my followers because of the love you have for one another. Not because of all the Bible verse...

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Video Devotion: Putting on the Full Armor of God

Sometimes we need to remember who we are fighting. And guess what, it's not your spouse or that person you got into an argument with on Facebook. Here's what "putting on thefullarmorofGod" means and why it's important. Click here to listen to this devotion as a podcast. ...

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Video Devotion: What Giving Your Worries to God Actually Looks Like

When Christians say, "just give your worries to God," what do they mean? We know weshouldgive ourworriestoGod, but how do we actuallydothat?Here's what it looks like to "give"yourworriestoGod. Listen to this devotion as a podcast, here. ...

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Your "Shape" Reveals Your Purpose


Jeremiah 1:5 (MSG) "Before I shaped you in your mother's womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you." God created you for a purpose. That's why you are the way you are. He's shaped you. He's made you unique to fulfill a unique purpose. He wants to include you in his plan. Isaiah 43:7 (NIV) "Bring me all the people who are mine,...

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Faith > Feelings


Have you ever had the feeling that something was so very, very right, but then when you did it, it ended up being so very, very wrong? Proverbs 28:26 "Those who trust their own insight are foolish, but anyone who walks in wisdom is safe." In other words, don't rely on an impression because an impression, most of the time, is just an impression. Feelings aren't facts. Yo...

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Faith > Fear


We all have all different kinds of fears. I'm afraid I'll make mistakes and embarrass myself. I'm afraid that I won't be able to finish what I've started. I'm afraid I'm not good enough. Since we hate to face our fears, what we do is we make up all kinds of excuses. It's been happening since the beginning. When God came to Moses and said, "I've got a big plan for your lif...

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