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Archives for January 2022

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True Friends are Honest


Jesus teaches us that communication that makes an impact is honest. The best example comes from Jesus. Scripture records conversations that people had with Jesus, and you can see how he talked to people. Jesus was honest. Most of us value honesty; we want honesty to be part of our lives and relationships. Yet when it comes right down to it, we often find it easier to be ...

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What Serving God Looks Like


What's the greatest thing you can do with your life? Serve God. But, how can we actually serve God? We can't see him. How do we serve an invisible God? Jesus teaches that we serve God by serving others. He said, even if we give a cup of water to somebody who's thirsty, and we do it in the name of Jesus, that's as if we did it to him, God. We serve God by serving others. ...

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If You Give This, People Will Feel Loved


1 John 3:18 "Dear children, let's not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions." The most desired gift of love and the most priceless gift of love is focused attention. It's time. When you give someone your time, they will feel loved. When we give our time to someone, that is the greatest gift we can give. A kid, a husband, a wife, a fri...

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Sharing Your Story to People Who Need Hope


So manypeoplefeelhopelesstoday. As a pastor I talk to them all the time. "Mylifeisoutofcontrol! Ican'tseem tochange. Nothing seems towork. Life haskickedthehopeout of me. I feeltrapped. I'mtrappedin a hopelessmarriage. I'mtrappedin a hopelesscareer. I'mtrappedin a hopelesscrisis. I'mtrappedin a hopelessaddiction. I'mtrappedin a hopelesshealthissue." Everybody needs hope....

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Known By The Way We Love


"Everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another"(John 13:35 NIV). Jesus told His disciples that the primary way the world would know they were His was by their love for one another. Not by how many weeks we attend a church service. Not by how many verses we have memorized. But, by our love. If you think about it, the way Christ followers are called...

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Let Love Be Your Highest Goal


How would you complete this sentence? "My number one goal in life is _____" Think about that for a minute. What word, what phrase would you use? Would you say, "My number one goal in life is to be happy?" Or "My number one goal in life is to be loved?" Or "My number one goal in life is to succeed at my career?" How would you answer that question? It's very important. If y...

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Video Devotion: Why is Doing the Right Thing So Exhausting?

When all the culture is going one way and we're trying to do the right thing, it's tough. Living the Christian life can be exhausting when we focus on trying to do all therightthings, rather than focusing on Jesus. Here's what that looks like. If you'd like to listen to this devotion as a podcast, you can here. ...

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