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3 Mentalities That Destroy Our Ability to Take Responsibility


If I were to ask today, "What's your greatest ability?" I wonder what some of us would say. We might say, "I'm good at mechanics ... math ... sewing ... surfing ... channel surfing." But I want to suggest to you that our greatest ability is responsibility. Responsibility is the ability to respond to life. It's one of the greatest gifts that God has given us. God created u...

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Why Do I Have to Be Responsible? (3 Really Good Reasons)


We all know that we should be responsbile, but why? Taking responsibility for the decisions we make sounds like a no-brainer, but then why do so many of us go through life making irresponsible decions? Why do we waste our time and our talents? Why are we passive? Why do we make dumb decisions when we know we should be responsible? I think that we need to know the why beh...

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A Cause Worth Dying For


Most people are giving first class allegiance to second class causes and those causes are betraying them. I talked one time to a guy who said "I climbed the ladder of success, but when I got to the top I found it was leaning against the wrong wall." We've got to find something worth dying for, then live for it. Why? Because, until you do this, you will not have ultimate ...

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Living a Life that Actually Matters


Ask yourself: Am I living a life that actually matters? Every day I need to remember what matters most. When I get up in the morning I need to remind myself what counts and what doesn't count. I should not be distracted by what's inconsequential in life. Why is this an important habit? Have you realized how easy it is to lose your joy over some small thing? It's usually t...

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Stop Letting Others Control Your Happiness


Do you allow other people affect your mood? Your happiness? You don't have to let others control your attitude. You don't have to rely on the approval of others to feel happy. In fact, you're going to be miserable if you try to live for the approval of everybody else. Phil 1:15-17 says: 15 It's true that some are preaching out of jealousy and rivalry. But others preach a...

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How to be Happy, No Matter What


One of the common mistakes we all make is we fall into the trap of what I call "When Then" thinking. "When such and such happens, then I'll be happy." "When I get into college" "When I get married" "When we have a baby" "When I get a job" "When my kids go to school" "When my kids leave the house" In Philippians 1 vs 12-30, Paul talks about all how to be happy no matter w...

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Why Should I Forgive Someone Who Hurt Me? (Part 1)


When we talk about forgiveness some of us instantly call to mind certain heartaches and hurts. The memories are still fresh because many of us have been hurt very deeply. We're going to look at: why in the world should I ever forgive anybody who hurts me? WHY SHOULD I FORGIVE ANYBODY WHO HURTS ME? Jesus told a story one time. It's called the parable of the unforgiving s...

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Why Should I Forgive Someone Who Hurt Me? (Part 2)



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How to Help a Friend in Shock


The Bible commands us, if we're followers of Jesus Christ, to help people in pain, to help those who are in shock, to help people who are going through a difficult time. So, how do you help a friend in shock? Galatians 6:2 "Share each other's burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ." How do I help a friend who's in shock? 1. I can SHOW up. That's the first ...

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Preparing for a Category 5 Catastrophe


Every year in Florida we are told to prepare for a hurricane. When we see a Cat 4 or Cat 5 coming, we spring into action. We prepare. Plywood, gas, generators, food, water. It's a good thing we get some notice. Can you imagine if a Cat 5 Hurricane could spring up like a tornado with virtually no warning? You'd have to be prepared all the time. Well, the big storms of life...

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