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From Dead-End to Deliverance

Do you need God to bring life to a dead dream? A dead marriage? A dead career? How do you respond when you are facing a dead-end situation in your life? We serve a God who defeated death. Here's how this truth can impact your everyday. ...

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Communication in Marriage


All of us know that communication is important to every relationship. If you want to make progress in your relationship, you have to learn how to talk with each other. We know from studies that have been done 85% of all marriage problems include some kind of communication breakdown. Communication is hard. Especially in our culture where the average person spends over 40 h...

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4 Secrets for Practicing the Presence of God

The key to being at peace during a crisis or overcome discouragement, is the phrase "I walk in the presence of the Lord." But, how do you do that? God is present all around us, but most people are totally unaware of it. So, how do we "walk in the presence of the Lord?" ...

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The Fear Trap

How is fear holding you back? What areas of your life have you been looking at with eyes of fear? This video devotion exists to help you step out in faith and move forward into the promises that God has over your life. ...

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3 Conditions for a Miracle

In what area of your life do you need a miracle? Where do you need God to move? God can do anything. But, there are actually three things you can do to prepare your life for a miracle. ...

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Facing Conflict to Find Restoration


Conflict is seldom resolved accidentally. It must be dealt with intentionally. It just doesn't get better by itself. In fact, a conflict gets worse when you leave it alone. Hearts grow hardened and positions get solidified. The only way to deal with conflict is to face it. It does not get better any other way. If there are some unmet needs and unresolved issues and areas ...

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What to Do When Life Isn't Fair

Life is not fair. We will all experience problems, difficulties, and hurts. So, how should you respond when you are dealt a hand you don't deserve? Here's what God's Word tells us. ...

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Worship & Communion Night

Join us for Worship Communion Night THIS Wednesday (April 29th) at 7PM. video-output-9CA5CCDE-9FA8-49F0-AD23-94DE2E435594.MOV Be sure to set aside some juice and bread or crackers so that you and your family are ready to take communion together. You can worship along on Facebook, YouTube or at Seminolechurch.com/live. ...

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Reaching Out Like Jesus

How are you reaching out to others during this time? Are you being intentional? How can you be like Jesus and care for people that God has placed in your life? Here are four questions to ask yourself. ...

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Don't Let This Crisis Pull Your Marriage Apart


Sometimes the biggest conflicts in marriage are over the most trivial issues. Can anyone identify with that during this lockdown? Is the current pandemic putting a strain on your marriage? Or is this lockdown forcing you to confront issues that have been brushed under the rug in the past? Every relationship,even healthy ones,have conflict. But, how you deal with the confl...

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