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A Few Good Friends


Loneliness is rampant in our society. It's the number one emotional problem. Everybody needs friends. It's part of God's plan for our lives.  When God made the world, He put man in a perfect environment and said, "It is not good for man to be alone."  

Sometimes the people we call our friends aren’t really friends at all.  Some people in our life are more like a ministry project. It’s all one sided. They can take, take, take and never reciprocate the friendship or relationship. It’s okay to have a few of those. Too many of those EGR people in our life (Extra Grace Required) can bankrupt us emotionally or relationally.  

The fact is, God cares about the kind of friends we have. He wants us to have positive friendships. He wants us to have friends that invest in us intentionally as much as we invest in them intentionally. 

Proverbs 18:24 There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. 

Is it wrong to have a lot of friends? No. The point he's making here is simply this: Focus on quality, not quantity when it comes to having friends. We can't be committed to everybody. There are several of levels of friendships. There are acquaintances. That's the people we are FB friends with.There are companions. Those are people we work with and hang out with. They are friends in real life. Then there are genuine close friends that we have a major relationship with. You share life with these friends. These are our small group friends and our best friends.

Can we be popular and not have any close friends? Sure. In fact sometimes our social life can prevent us from having any deep relationships. We need to be committed to a few close friends. And they need to be just as committed to us.    

I have met thousands of people but one real friend is worth a thousand acquaintances. Someone who hangs in there with us, stays with us.  

Friendship begins with commitment. How many committed friends do you have? More important: Who are you committed to? Who knows that you are committed to them? That's the most important one of all.  

You don't need a lot of friends. You just need a few good ones.

If you don’t have any close friends in your life, I encourage you to take advantage of the 40 Days of Purpose groups we are going through. Make some connections, then make a commitment to get into a small group with some of the people you connect with over these next few weeks. 


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