Discovering Your Purpose in Life


Yesterday, we talked about how God has shaped us on purpose for a purpose. You are an origional, and there is no one else on the planet. God shaped you for a time such as this for a reason. The SHAPE qualities are:


Spiritual Gifts





But, today, let’s look primarily at why it’s important to know my shape for my job. Why is my SHAPE important for my work, for what I do?

1. My SHAPE reveals God’s purpose for me!  

My shape reveals God’s purpose for me.It shows me what I’m supposed to do with my life.  You know what you’re supposed to do with your life by looking at the way God shaped you – spiritual gifts, heart, ability, heart, personality, experiences. God would not give you these gifts and talents and abilities and then not use them. So if you want to know God’s will for your life, you want to know what God wants to do in your life, you look at your shape.  

Jeremiah 1:5 (MSG) “Before I shaped you in your mother’s womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you.”

God says your shape and God’s plans for your life go together. God has holy plans for your life. He had a purpose in creating you. That’s why you are the way you are. He had you in mind, so he created you for a particular purpose.  

Isaiah 43:7 (NIV) “Bring me all the people who are mine, whom I made for my glory, [You were made for God’s glory. God made you to give glory to himself.] those I formed and created.”

Using my shape, what God made me to be, is an act of worship. It actually brings glory to God. How does your SHAPE actually bring glory to God? How does you being you bring glory to God? When anything that’s created fulfills the purpose for which it was created, it brings glory to the Creator.

God says, “I created everybody for my purpose and they bring me glory by being themselves, not trying to be somebody else.” You can’t bring glory to God trying to be somebody you’re not. So the first reason my shape is important in my job is it reveals God’s purpose for me.

2. My SHAPE equips me for my life mission and life message.

My SHAPE – my spiritual gifts, my heart, my abilities, my personality, my experiences – these equip me for my life mission and my life message. What is my life mission? It’s your life work. It’s what God created you to do on this planet. The body of your life work is your life mission. What is your life message? It’s what God wants to say to the world through you. It’s unique. It’s your message from your life to the world.  

I can’t give your life message, because I’m not you. You can’t give my life message, because you’re not me. You can only give your life message and I can only give mine. If you don’t give your life message to the world it doesn’t get heard. God says, “I created you and shaped you for a life mission and a life message.  This is your life’s work. It’s what I put you on earth to do.”

Isaiah 49:5 “God formed me in my mother’s womb to be a servant, and he commissioned me…”  

You are commissioned for a life mission. When an artist is commissioned, he is designated to draw a picture for somebody, a portrait. A work of art is commissioned. You have been commissioned by God to fulfill your mission and your message in the world. That’s your life work and that’s what God wants to say.

What God calls you to do, he equips you to do and he shapes you to do.  When you fulfill and use the gifts and abilities and the personality and the passion and the experiences that God gave you that made you you, that brings praise to God.  

Application Questions: 

1. How does your SHAPE reveal your purpose in life? What can you do this week to take steps toward that purpose?

2. What is your life mission? What is your message? If you don't know, ask God to reveal it to you. 


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