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Do you remember the bracelets that said W.W.J.D across the band? 

W.W.J.D. What Would Jesus Do? 

Have you ever been in a situation and asked yourself, What would Jesus do in this situation? How would Jesus respond in this situation? What would Jesus do when someone didn’t agree with him? What would Jesus do when someone said something hurtful to him? 

What would Jesus do?

Well, Jesus showed us and told us what he would do. He would LOVE FIRST. 

1 Corinthians 14:1 “Let love be your highest goal!”   

Let love be your highest goal. Not being right. Not success. Not comfort. But, love. He says we should make love our highest goal. Why does he say that? Make love the highest goal of our life. Why? Because God is love and he wants us to be like him.  

The Bible tells us that God created everything in the universe in order to love it. Because God is love. It doesn’t say he has love.  He is loveHe created us as an object of his love. And God wants us to be like him. So he created us to learn how to love. In fact, we were put on this planet to learn how to love. Life is all about learning how to love.  

In fact, one day Jesus was walking down the street and a guy came up to him and he said, “Lord, what is the most important command in the Bible. God can you tell me what really matters most? Jesus, of all these things that are in the Bible what should I really focus on?” Jesus said, “I can do that. I can summarize the entire Bible for you in two sentences. If you get these two things you get it. You get what life is all about.” It’s called the Great Commandment. We’ve looked at it many times.  

Mark 12:30-31 (Jesus) “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength.  And love your neighbor as yourself. No other commandment is greater than these.”   

So, love God and love people. 

Love people who have different views than you. Love people who look different than you. Who grew up different than you. Just, love people. 

If Christians focused more on loving people than “being right” all the time, we would be able to love people to Jesus so much better. 

One day we’re going to stand before God and he’s going to say, “Did you learn to love me?  That’s why I sent Jesus Christ so you could learn to love me.  And did you learn to love other people? Because that’s what I put you on earth to do.” If you miss that, wrong answerIt’s all about love. 

Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. Who is your neighbor? All people. 

1 Corinthians 16:14 “And do everything with love.”   

Question: What does that include? How about… everything. Everything we do must be done with love. I didn’t say that. God said it. Does that mean writing emails? Yeah. Some of us need to tape this verse to our computer and before we ever write an email we need to think, “Everything I write must be done with love.” 

Does this include ordering fast food when you can’t understand the speaker? Yeah. “Everything you do must be done with love.” 

Does it include finding a parking spot when three other people want it? “Everything you do must be done with love.” 

Does it include being nice to people who vote differently than you? “Everything you do must be done with love.”  

Does it include responding to people who attack you for your faith? Yes. “Everything you do must be done with love.”  

What would Jesus do? He would love first.