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Sharing the Good News with a Weary World This Christmas


The Good News of Christmas is the gospel message that we are offered free salvation in Jesus Christ. Gospel actually means Good News, and the story of Jesus is the greatest story of all time. 

Our world (especially now) needs more Christians who are willing to share the Good News, rather than just enjoy it for themselves. How are you sharing the Good News of Jesus this Christmas? What if we made time and a plan to share the Good News with others this holiday season? 

Here are four ways to share the Good News this Christmas.


Do you pray for your friends and family? Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet many of us miss this basic part or our sharing the Good News. Who are three people who are friends or family of yours who don’t know the Good News in a personal way? Get them in your mind right now. Let’s pray for them right now. 

“Dear Father, help _____ to experience the Good News of salvation and Christmas this year. Help them to connect with you and state a relationship with you. Show me my role in helping them come to understand the good news.  Amen.”

Make a list and take the time to talk to God about them because you care about them to hear the Good News that’s made a difference in your life.  


Jesus tells us that He did not come to be served but to serve. What better way to celebrate Christmas than to serve someone? There are a thousand ideas out there. Let me give you just a couple ideas to get started.  

Sponsor an ODH Child – You can feed and educate a child in Haiti for only $25/mo. We have over 500 kids at Open Door Church. Every family can afford to sponsor one. It costs less than a dollar a day. 

Give Gift Cards – Some of you have been bringing by gift cards to the church office. I’ve been giving them out to families who have been struggling. These gifts are truly changing their family’s Christmas. Every family has said, “Thank you so much.” I want to thank those of you who have given the cards. You’re making a difference in the lives of others this year.

Invest In Relationships – For some, the holiday season is a joyous time of celebration with loved ones. For others, the holiday season is difficult, because they are alone. Maybe they lost a loved one, maybe this is the first Christmas they are spending alone, maybe they are in a high-risk group, and because of the pandemic they won’t be spending Christmas with their family this year. Deliver a meal. Reach out, even if it has to be from a distance. Serve them.

Serve someone this Christmas. Find someone who’s hurting and tell them the Good News of Christmas. Jesus was born into this world to let hurting people know that there is hope. 


You could grab a book like Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christmas and say, “Let’s get together once a week. We’ll read a chapter and get together and talk about what we read and what Christmas is all about.” You can invite followers of Christ at your place of work or people who want to learn what it means to follow Christ. Just get together and talk about the real Christmas.  


Christmas Eve Services – Christmas Eve is coming up. Don’t come alone. Invite somebody to come with you. They will be presented with the Good News of Jesus and have an opportunity to receive that hope and salvation. 

We have 7 services this year. Learn more and get your (free) seating reservation here.

If they don’t feel comfortable showing up in-person, online is a great option for them. Host a watch party online. Send them a link. 

During this time of year people are the most open to attending a church service (where they will hear the Good News by the way) because they are either searching for hope or don’t want to spend it alone. Plus, it’s a great event to invite your believing friends and your non believing friends. Every year we make it snow in the parking lot.

Even if you have never invited anyone to a church event before, make a choice this year to be bold and invite someone who needs to hear a message of hope. Bring your friends!

These are just a few ideas. You could probably come up with four or five more. 

I encourage you to share the Good News this Christmas. Make a plan. Be intentional about it. It’s one of the main purposes God has for you, is to share the Good News of Christ with others.