When You Want to See God Do Something Incredible


Have you ever experienced a miracle, personally? Can you think back to a time when you just knew God was at work, because something happened that you couldn’t explain? 

Many, many people miss out on seeing God do amazing things in their life, because they never step out in faith. They wait to see the full picture and have all of the answers, instead of listening to God and then being bold enough to trust him. And, here’s the truth. If you want a miracle to happen in your life, it always starts with a step of faith. You won’t have all the pieces of the puzzle before you step out in faith… that’s why it’s called faith.  

Today I want to give you three things that make your life ready for God to do a miracle. Let’s look at an example from scripture:

Mark 8:22-23 When they arrived at Bethsaida, some people brought a blind man to Jesus, and they begged him to touch the man and heal him. Jesus took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the village.  

It says, “they came to Bethsaida; some people brought a blind man and begged Jesus to touch him.”  Notice the word “brought” and “begged.” Some people bring a blind man to Jesus. Notice Jesus doesn’t go to him. They bring a blind man to Jesus. Here’s the first point we learn, the first condition for a miracle.  

1. Miracles happen when somebody cares.

This guy didn’t come on his own. He’s blind. He had to be brought. So he has friends who care for him. Caring friends bring hurting friends to Jesus. There’s a word for this. It’s called intercession. 

What is intercession? Intercession is when you bring somebody before Jesus on their behalf. You’re not coming to Jesus for your own needs. You’re coming for somebody else’s needs. 

Who do you need to bring to Jesus? A lot of times God’s waiting on you to do a miracle in somebody else’s life. This man who was blind would have never had his sight back, but he had some friends who cared. Who in your neighborhood needs a miracle? Who at work needs a miracle? Who of your relatives? Who of your friends needs a miracle? Caring people bring their friends to Jesus. Miracles happen when somebody cares.

Second, it says, “They brought the blind man and begged Jesus to touch him.” Notice the phrase “touch him.” 

Here’s the second thing we learn about miracles: 

2. Miracles happen when we get close to Jesus.  

They brought him close enough that Jesus could touch him.  

Here’s the key: Healing in our life does not come from religion. Healing in our life does not come from rituals. Healing whether it’s physical, emotional, spiritual or financial does not come from rules and regulations.  

Healing comes from a relationship with Christ.  

The more I get to know Christ the more God’s healing is able to be done in my life. It’s interesting that Jesus never in his entire ministry held a healing rally. Not once. Never did he pass out flyers and say, “Tonight at the stadium at the Sea of Galilee for one night only, Jesus Christ! Everybody bring your friends.” He never did miracles to show off.  Not once did he say, “I’m going to go down to Jerusalem and heal a bunch of people.” People with needs would come to him privately and personally and he would deal with them privately and personally. Sometimes other people saw it. But he never did it for an audience. 

Then the third, it says “Jesus took him [the blind man] by the hand and led him outside the village.”  Notice the phrase, “led him.”  

3. miracles happen when we trust Jesus to lead us.

If this guy hadn’t let Jesus lead him outside the village he would have never seen the miracle. Jesus takes the blind man by the hand, very personal, and leads him outside the village. The man didn’t know what to expect, where he was going or how long it was going to take. He just followed Jesus. 

Some of you may feel that way right now. “I have no idea what God’s doing in my life. I have no idea where he’s taking me. I have no idea how long it’s going to take.” Congratulations. You’re getting ready for a miracle. 

This is called the walk of faith. When you can’t see, but God can.  You can’t see where Jesus is taking you; all you can do is hang on. That’s all you need to do.

When you feel God telling you to do something, leaving that job even though you are terrified because a career change is risky, staying in your marriage even when the feelings have faded, being generous with the little you have even though it doesn’t make sense on paper...

When you feel God telling you to do something, you take a step toward it even when you don’t have all the answers, that’s when a miracle can happen and God can show just how all-powerful he is. 


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