You Can Resign as CEO of Your Life


What does it mean to make Jesus Lord over your life? The good in my life, the bad in my life, the ugly in my life, the secret things in my life. I turn over my past, my present and my future. I give him reign in my finances, in my relationships, in my health. In every area. I turn everything over to Jesus.

Romans 10:9 If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

This is a promise of God. It doesn’t say we might be saved, we hope we can be saved, we really wish we can be saved. It says we can count on the fact that we’re going to heaven. We can know for certain. We’re saved, we’re going to heaven if we do these two things. Confess with our mouth “Jesus is my Lord.”  And believe in our heart God raised him from the dead.

Most of us have already done the second thing – you believe that Jesus Christ raised from the dead. It’s an established fact. Our calendar is built on it. You believe in your heart Jesus raised from the dead, that he was who he claimed to be.

But many have not done the first part…  “confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is my Lord.’”  Notice that word “Lord.” It’s not a word that we use anymore. We don’t use it in America. Because in America we have a democratic republic. This is a term from the feudal system. In a monarchy you have kings and queens and lords and ladies and knights and squires and serfs and pages. These are terms from a monarchy.  We don’t have a monarchy in America. So nobody goes around using the word “Lord.” So what does the word “Lord” mean? For me to say Jesus is my Lord.

It means he is my master. He is my boss. He is in control of everything in my life. He’s not just resident in my life; he is president. When I say, “Jesus is my Lord,” I’m saying, “Jesus is the CEO of my life. He’s the chairman of the board of my life. He’s calling the shots. He is my manager. He is my director. He is my God.”

I’m no longer the Lord of my life. I’m not calling the shots any more. He’s calling them. He’s in control. I’m not in control. He’s the boss of my life. I’m not the boss of my life.

Until you do that, you’re the lord of your life. And by the way, how’s that working for you? You calling all the shots in your life? You being the master of your fate? Everything happening the way you want it to? All your dreams coming true? No problems? Totally fulfilled?

You weren’t meant to be God. And the reason you get under stress is when you try to play God in your life. You get stressed out because you don’t have the power to change things; God does. 

Application Questions: 

1. Where do you need to give up control in your own life? What do you need to ask Jesus to be "Lord" over? 

2. What does scripture say about making Jesus the Lord of your life? How does this change how you see Jesus? 


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