Our Purpose

We are Purpose Driven

We believe a Great Commitment to the Great Commandment

and the Great Commission will grow a Great Church!

Seminole Community Church is a place where you can meet new friends, discover your life’s purpose, and learn how to live a life that has a lasting impact. Life isn’t meant to be lived alone... join us this weekend!



Don't Miss Out This Christmas

When it comes to Christmas the people go through the season in one of three ways. About half of us go through the Christmas season thinking about the past. We rehearse long forgotten memories of Christmases long, long ago. We wish for a

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4 Ways to Share the Good News This Christmas

When Jesus was taken up to heaven, he left us with the Great Commission. A command to tell others the Good News. So, how often are you sharing the Good News? I know a lot of people who are enjoying the Good News but rarely take the tim

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3 Reasons to Celebrate This Christmas Season

What is the purpose of Christmas? Why do we celebrate, year after year? All this month the world will be focused on Christmas, an event that happened 2000 years ago, in the Middle East, in a little town, with no fanfare. But today, t

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Upcoming Events

Fri Dec 13

Ladies Ornament Exchange

Ladies and daughters, ages 16 and older, wrap an ornament and bring it to the Christmas Ornament Exc

Tue Dec 24

Christmas Eve Services

You're invited to come to make a memory with your family this Christmas Eve!

Wed Feb 05

Mom Encouraging Moms

Join the Moms of young children for a time of encouragement.


Join us Sunday at 

9:00am & 10:45am