Discovery Zone: Birth-PreK

This is the place for the littlest guys (and gals) of our church, all the way from the newest babies up to Preschool-aged children. Housed in the same building as the adult worship center, the Discovery Zone wing is just steps away the main auditorium. With moms and dads just a beeper call away, kids can enjoy their own age-appropriate activities in spaces outfitted with cool new toys and playmates their own age all under the supervision of loving and qualified caregivers.

When it comes to our children, we’re sticklers for the three “S’s” - security, safety and sanitation! We want parents to be able to relax and enjoy the church service knowing that their little ones are being looked after by kind, caring adults who are trained to follow careful guidelines. To make sure that everyone’s time at Seminole Community Church is a pleasant experience, we strive to provide the very best childcare possible by keeping our kids safe and secure and happy to be there.

Discovery Zone classrooms are open for all our weekend services with workers available and ready to check babies and kids in about 10 minutes before the start of each service. Check in for Discovery Zone is to the left of the front doors of the main building.

There are three different classes offered, depending on the age of the child. We have a Nursery room for newborns through walkers, a Toddler room for the 1’s, 2’s and young 3’s, and a PreK room for 3 to 5 year olds who have yet to start Kindergarten.

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