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Every Member is on Mission

We believe that God has given each person unique talents, passions and a purpose. One of the most fulfilling ways to use those talents and passions is through volunteering and serving in your church.

There are so many ways you can volunteer in an area you are passionate about here at Seminole Community Church.

If you would like to get involved in what God is doing here, take the next step by clicking below to fill out the contact form. We will help you find a place to serve!




AUDIO/VIDEO TECHNICIANS:  A team who set up and monitor the sound for music activities. They also record the services and maintain the slides during the service

PRAISE SINGERS:  This is an opportunity for singers to use their talent in the worship services.

BAND – MUSICIANS:  This is an opportunity for those with musical abilities to use their talent to play with the Praise singers during the worship services.  There is also a band for younger musicians to play with the Wildfire and High School/College worship team to gain experience.

FOLDING TEAM:  This team insures that all the bulletins are folded, name tag and inserts are included.  They work in the church office on Friday mornings.  They also label postcards when applicable.

KIDSZONE - ELEMENTARY:  Bible learning classes of K - 4th grades that include games, discussions of Bible stories and characters with applications to practical living.

DISCOVERY ZONE - PRESCHOOL:  Classes that provide Christian principles for children from newborns to kindergartners.

WILDFIRE – MIDDLE SCHOOL:  Sunday am Bible learning classes for Middle School students and Wednesday night Bible devotions, games with applications to practical living.

LIMITLESS – HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE:  Sunday evening Bible and devotionals with practical living along with music and games for High School and College age.

WORSHIP GREETER:  The welcoming team that warmly greets everyone who is on their way to the worship service with a handshake and a smile.  These people give first impressions of friendliness, acceptance, and love to members, attenders, and visitors alike. They hand worship guides to people as they enter the church.

WORSHIP USHER:  The welcoming team that assists people into the worship service by overseeing the service in general, and assisting people where needed.

CLEANING TEAM – This group of people clean the church and buildings each week, normally on Friday morning.  Each person is assigned a week to help with the cleaning.

COFFEE/DONUT TEAM – Two teams are assigned to each Sunday.  First service team sets up coffee, donuts and bagels, cleans tables and prepares trash containers.  Second service team refills coffee as needed and cleans up coffee pots, tables and trash after the second service.

EVENT TEAM – Many volunteers are needed for each event.  Volunteers are notified by email of the upcoming event and sign up to help in different areas – grilling, set-up, food, serving, parking, clean-up, etc.