Open Door Haiti

We've been connected with Open Door Haiti since 2006, where we have partnered with Pastor Wiljean Compere and Doug Holliday to plant churches, start schools, feeding programs, agriculture programs, leadership development, provide medical care and support an orphanage.

Open Door Orphanage is currently caring for over 50 children. Every year Open Door has increased enrollment at their primary schools, with over 800 students in their schools and feeding programs. The medical complex we support in Bois De Lance provides the only health care for a village of over 20,000 people.

With your help, we’re changing Haiti, one life at a time.

Missionaries We Support

Here’s a little bit about the Missionary Families that are connected here at Seminole Church!

If you feel led to help support any of these missionary families, you can click the support under any of their bios and then search "Missionary Support" in the fund drop down. Then, find the name of the missionary family you'd like to help support.

The Hollidays

Doug and Jennifer Holliday serve our local church community and minister to people all over the world.

Doug Holliday is the president of Sonlife Ministries where he focuses on disciple-making training and youth ministry training, and he is the founder of Doug Holliday Ministries.

Doug’s international ministry travels have taken him to Haiti, where in partnership with Pastor Wiljean Compere he has founded Open Door Haiti and launched the School Of Youth Ministry.

The Hendersons

Phil and Elin Henderson have served with Ethnos 360 for over 18 years. They serve in Mozambique which is in Southeast Africa with the Indian Ocean as its main boarder.

Their ministry focus is Church planting among unreached people groups. They live and work among the Mwinika people group.

When the Hendersons arrived, the Mwinika had no written language. So, not only did they have to learn this language, they also devised a way to work with the Mwinika to create an alphabet. Thanks to this work, the Mwinika now have God’s Word (the Bible) and Bible lessons in their language.

The Hendersons

Mike and Diane live in Sanford and are with Ethnos360, and they serve as church planting consultants and translators.

They worked in Papua New Guinea for 28 years with a small people group, the Aziana.

The Hendersons are still involved with translating for the Aziana tribe and working on revising their translation using Zoom.

The Hieberts

Ron and Terresa Hiebert are part of the support team of Ethnos360 at the Home Office.

Ron heads up the Maintenance Team, planning remodels and maintenance of the home office apartments and workshops.

Terresa works with the Int’l Ministries Team and church planters all over the world, giving assistance with translation software, uploading New Testaments to the Digital Bible Library, and answering a variety of questions from inside and outside the mission.

The Kendzoras

Brion and Annette Kendzora have a desire is to see the Word of God change the lives of unreached people groups who previously have not had access to it.

Right now, their role is in the Personnel Department at Ethnos360, making sure their new members get to the field and are well equipped when they arrive.

Brion also serves missionaries by walking with them through difficult times in their ministry in order to see them refreshed and able to return to their ministry among the unreached.

If you’d like to give a gift to help support these missionaries you can give below. Select "Missionary Support" in the fund dropdown to select a missionary family to support.

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