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Let Love Be Your Highest Goal


How would you complete this sentence? "My number one goal in life is _____" Think about that for a minute. What word, what phrase would you use? Would you say, "My number one goal in life is to be happy?" Or "My number one goal in life is to be loved?" Or "My number one goal in life is to succeed at my career?" How would you answer that question? It's very important. If y...

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Video Devotion: Why is Doing the Right Thing So Exhausting?

When all the culture is going one way and we're trying to do the right thing, it's tough. Living the Christian life can be exhausting when we focus on trying to do all therightthings, rather than focusing on Jesus. Here's what that looks like. If you'd like to listen to this devotion as a podcast, you can here. ...

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Take Heart This New Year


We're in the first week of a new year. A new year with new possibilities and uncertainties. Maybe for some of us, we really hope that this year is better than last year. I sure do hope that is true for you! But, regardless of whether this year is "better" by our standards or not, there is something certain that you can put your hope in and that's God. "May God, the sourc...

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Truth > Tradition This Christmas


In the Christmas story, when the Son of God was born, not a single religious person was invited. The very people who "should" have known the most about the birth of Jesus, the spiritual and religious leaders of Israel, didn't have a clue. Wise men who had studied the Hebrew Scriptures came from the East (not Israel) because they had seen the star. They knew the Savior of ...

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Feeling Stressed this Christmas?


Feeling stressed this week? The story of Jesus' birth is typically depicted as so sweet and peaceful. The songs we sing communicate this and so does almost every Christmas card and nativity scene. That first Christmas all appears pretty stress-free and peaceful. But, in reality, the very first Christmas didn't start out that way. The people in the Christmas story were re...

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Every Member has a Ministry

You don't have to be a pastor to be a minister.AtSeminoleChurch, we firmly believeeverymemberhasaministry, because Godhascalledeverybeliever to serve others. The Bible says we're created to serve, we're saved to serve,we're gifted to serve. If you'd like to listen to this devotion as a podcast, you can here. ...

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From Lost to Found at Christmas


I love line in Amazing Grace that says, "I once was lost, but now I'm found." Before we know Jesus, we are considered lost. Some people may think it's insulting to say that someone is spiritually "lost." But, it's actually a great complement. There's a difference between losing something and misplacing something. If you misplace something, it means it wasn't important to...

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4 Ways to Share the Love of Jesus this Christmas!


The Good News of Christmas is the gospel message that we are offered free salvation in Jesus Christ. The word "Gospel" actually means Good News, and the story of Jesus is the greatest good news of all time. Our world needs more Christians who are willing to share the Good News, rather than just enjoy it for themselves. How are you sharing the Good News of Jesus this Chris...

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Right + Rude = Wrong

It doesn't matter if we'reright.If we'rerudeabout it,nobody's going to care what we have to say. Here's what scripture tells us about speaking the truth in love and using our words to bring healing. If you'd like to listen to this devotion as a podcast, you can here! ...

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What if I Don't Feel Thankful on Thanksgiving?


Next week in America, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. We are entering a season where we pause and give thanks. A season centered around gratitude and giving. But, what if you don'tfeelthankful this Thanksgiving? What do you do during Thanksgiving if you are in a season of waiting? Waiting for a promise to be fulfilled. Waiting for a prayer to be answered. How can yo...

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