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Laying Down Your Right to Be Offended


What offends you? How easily do you get offended? Did you know that taking offense is a choice? Even when someone hurts you, you have the power to control your response. Even when you feel like you have the RIGHT to be offended, you can choose to lay down that right, and instead, rise above the offense. Make the choice. Refuse to be offended. You will actually be happier ...

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Why Taking the High Ground Helps You Win


Always take the high ground. What does that mean? Does that mean to let someone walk all over you? No. It means, always do the right thing whether the other person does or not. If they insult you, you treat them with kindness. If they're unloving to you, you be loving to them. If they are resentful to you, you be forgiving to them. If they're mean to you, you be nice to t...

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God is Able


No matter what situation you are in, it may be out of your control but it's not out of God's control. When you face a dead-end you don't focus on what you can't do, you focus on what God can do. 17 "Abraham believed in God who gives life to the dead and who creates something out of nothing." There are two things God does that you can't do -- God can give life to t...

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Life: What's the Point?


What is the point of life? What was God's purpose in creating the world? Why did He create you and me? Ephesians 1:4-5 says that you were made to be loved by God. You were created as an object of God's love. God made you just to love you. Ephesians 1:4-5 Even before he made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes. God decide...

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You Weren't Created to Do Life Alone


A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. A bundle of sticks is hard to break. There are some advantages to going it alone. But there are also dangers in trying to make it through life all by ourselves. Sometimes when we are trying to make it on our own, it's easy to get broken. It's our choice and if we want, we can decide to go it alone. Or we can decide to "bundle"...

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Your #1 Purpose


Whenever we go through tough times, we are tempted to ask, "Why? Why? Why me? Why is this happening? Why are we going through this?" Even, "Why is God allowing this?" or "If God wants me to be happy, why is his happening?" Lots of people think God's number one purpose is for us to be happy. I am sorry if I am the first person to tell you, but it's not. People say things l...

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Why Does God Allow Bad Things to Happen


Where is God when bad things happen? Why does he allow evil on this Earth? In a world of free choices, God's will is rarely done! In heaven, God's will is done perfectly. That's why there is no sorrow, pain or evil there. But this is earth, a fallen, imperfect place. We must choose to do God's will every day. It isn't automatic. That is why Jesus told us to pray, "Thy will...

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2 Simple Keys to Less Stress


How do you handle stress in your life? Did you know that God's plans for your life do not include worry or stress? If God loved you enough to die for your sins, don't you think he loves you enough to help you with your finances? Don't you think he loves you enough to help you with your health? With your relationships? With career decisions? With closing a deal? With makin...

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God Can Handle Your Honesty


Do you feel like you can be totally honest with God? How do you complain to God? The Bible talks about a kind of prayer called a lament. Most people don't know how to lament. A lament is a passionate complaint to God. God doesn't want you just to praise him. God wants you to lament to him. It's actually an act of worship when you complain to God. It's an act of rebellion...

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Why Content People are Happier


A lot of people misunderstand the meaning of contentment. Many think contentment means I have no ambition. No. Contentment is not laziness. Contentment is not apathy. Contentment is not complacency. Contentment is not fatalism whatever will be, will be. Contentment is not lacking ambition. Here's what contentment is: It's enjoying what I have right now rather than waiti...

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