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6 Rewards You Get From Wisdom

BE A-12

What will wisdom do for you? A lot more than we think! Most of us spend our whole life trying to obtain a long life, wealth, honor, pleasure, security and happiness. But, God actually says that all of these things are byproducts from learning to be wise.

1. Wisdom Brings a LONG LIFE

How can God promise me a longer life if I'm wise? Because when we're wise it reduces the stress in our life. We have healthier habits. We get involved in fewer accidents because we do wise things so we live longer.  

I once read an insurance actuary report, and it said that people who join a church and attend every week live an average of 6.7 years longer than the rest of the population.

2. Wisdom Brings WEALTH

How would you like to have God as your financial planner? Proverbs gives us 5 principles for financial peace. The principles are: Keep good records, plan your spending, save for the future, enjoy what you already have.

3. Wisdom Brings HONOR

How does wisdom bring honor? We don't put our foot in our mouth as often. And we know the right thing to do in every situation. We do less foolish things. We don’t make fools of ourselves.  

4. Wisdom Brings PLEASURE

Living according to God's wisdom makes life easier. Most of the problems we have in our life we bring on ourselves from dumb decisions. When we're wise it eliminates a lot of the problems that we normally bring into our life.

Life gets easier when we're wise.

5. Wisdom Brings SECURITY

It will make our life safe. Wisdom gives a sense of security and self-confidence and peace of mind. All of a sudden we're in control of the situation. Things don't control us, but rather, we control things when we're wise.  

6. Wisdom Brings HAPPINESS

Those who become wise will be happy. Solomon asked for wisdom and God said everything else he could ever want is wrapped up in wisdom.  He asked for the right thing. They are all part of the package.

The key to life is to get God's wisdom. With God’s wisdom also comes: a long life, wealth, honor, pleasure, safety and happiness.

How do I get it? There is only one reliable source of wisdom. If you want to be wise you've got to go to God's Word.