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Less Stress: Living for the Approval of ONE


A huge cause of stress in many people’s lives is when we try to please everybody, and, of course, we can’t do it. Because, the moment we get one group pleased, the othergroup gets mad at us. 

We cannot please everybody. God cannot please everybody. Two people are praying,“God make it rain,” the other says, “God don’t make it rain.” Even God can’t pleaseev erybody. I learned a long time ago that, as a pastor, I’m always disappointing somebody because we all have different expectations. So, we’ll always be disappointing somebody.  

One of the myths that’s out there is that “I must be liked by everybody in order to be happy.” That’s just not true. We don’t have to be liked by everybody to be happy. We must know who we’re going to please and settle that. With Jesus it was a settled issue.  

In John 5:30 (NIV) I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.

He says, “I’m going to live for an audience of one. I’m going to focus on pleasing God.”  That sounds pretty good because, in the first place, if we do what God wants, it’s alwaysthe right thing no matter what anybody else thinks. In the second place, it simplifies life because we only have to focus on pleasing one person. One of the reasons why Jesus never was stressed is because He never let the fear of rejection, or the need for approval, motivate, or dominate, or manipulate His life. 

He knew who He was and He knew who He was trying to please. You don’t have to be loved by everybody in order to be happy. If we do think that, we become a people-pleaser. 

Let me just ask you, Whose approval are you depending on for your happiness? Thinkabout that. You don’t need it and you may not get it. Some of you are still trying to please an unpleasable parent who never gave it to you when you were a kid- they’re not going to give it to you now. They may have even already died and you’re still trying to live up to an image that you thought, they thought, you ought to be.  

Know who you are. “I’m a child of God.” You know who you are by knowing WHOSE you are. “I’m a child of God, I’m deeply loved, Christ died for me.” Then you know who you’re trying to please. I’m trying to please my Heavenly Father ‑‑ live for Him. 

No one can pressure you without your permission. You can put two people in the same situation and one gets stressed out and one’s okay. Why? It’s the way they choose to respond to it. I need to know who I am and who I’m trying please.