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Peace on Earth


Luke 2:13-14 (KJV) “Glory to God in the highest, and on Earth peace good will toward men.”  

“Let there be peace on Earth and good will toward men.” That’s called reconciliation. What is reconciliation? It’s when a broken relationship is restored. Restoration of harmony, restoration of peace.

What kind of peace does Jesus give to us at Christmas time?  

First, We Need Peace With God = Spiritual Peace.

I don’t know if you realize this or not, but if you’re trying to live your life without God, you’re at war with God. He’s not at war with you but you are at war with him. If you’re saying, “I’m going to run my own life. Forget You, God. I’ll make my own decisions, thank you very much.” You’re at war with God, and you need a peace treaty. You need reconciliation, because that relationship has been broken. Jesus Christ came to be that that reconciler between God and man. When you trust in Him, He makes it all go away.  He says, “I’m going to completely wipe out everything you’ve ever done wrong. You’re completely forgiven. Come on home!”

Rom 5:1 Therefore, since we have been made right in God’s sight by faith, we have peace with God because of what Jesus Christ our Lord has done for us.

You need to make peace with God.  How do you do it? You don’t do it by promising to be good. You don’t do it by being perfect. You can’t. You make peace, it says, by faith. Faith in God’s grace. That’s how you get it.  Once you make peace with God, that’s spiritual peace,

We Need the Peace of God = Emotional Peace.

That’s emotional peace. This is the one you really need for daily living.  The peace of God happens in your heart when you’ve made peace with God.

All of a sudden, the stress just goes down in your life. You’re just not as angry as you used to be. You’re a lot more at peace than you used to be.  Things just don’t bug you as much.You’re a lot more patient. You’re filled with a whole lot more love and peace than you used to be. Why? Because now you have the peace of God in your heart once you have peace with God.  

Phil 4:6-7 Don’t worry about anything.  Instead pray about everything.  [He’s saying you’ve got two choices in life. You can pray, or you can panic. Those are your choices. In every circumstance, you can pray or panic. You can worship, or you can worry. If you prayed as much as you worry, you’d have a whole lot less to worry about. Worry has never solved a single one of your problems. It’s worthless. Prayer can change things. So don’t worry, He says. Pray! “Pray about everything.] Tell God what you need and thank Him for all that He has done. [And if you do this…]  Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand.  His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.”

Why even celebrate Christmas if you’re not going to open the biggest gift?  It doesn’t make sense to leave the gift of your past forgiven, a purpose for living, and a home in heaven. Who would ever leave that gift unwrapped?  

Jesus Christ says to you, “I can replace the frustration in your heart with peace. I can replace the guilt and the resentment and the shame and the grudges, I can replace that with forgiveness. I can replace the worry and anxiety in your heart with confidence and faith. I can replace that depression or despair with hope. I can replace that emptiness with meaning and purpose. I can replace that confusion with clarity. But I’m not going to break the door of your heart down. You’ve got to invite Me in.”  

Acts (Message Paraphrase) 10:35 “It makes no difference who you are or where you’re from [I’m glad for that part!] If you want God, and you’re ready to do as He says, the door is open.”  

This is not about religion. God did not send Jesus to give religion. He sent Jesus so you could have a personal relationship with God. It’s all about relationship.