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Tracks offered:

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Nine Square/Octagon: Students will play 9-square and octagon. 9-square is a fast-
paced adaptation of 4-square, but instead it’s played in the air!

Football: Kids will enjoy an active game of flag football. This competitive outdoor game
is designed to be team building, positive and most of all… FUN!

Battle Ball: It’s like dodgeball, but better! Using foam balls, students will have a blast
learning and playing variations of Battle Ball. It’s just as competitive as it is team
building. And most of all… it’s so much fun!

Jewelry: Students can get creative with jewelry-making projects! From beaded
necklaces to braided bracelets, you can be certain that they will go home with some
beautiful creations and some incredible memories.

Painting: Students in the painting track will learn simple painting techniques that allow
every student to go home with a masterpiece or two that they are proud of. 

Creative Card: Kids who love to craft will love this track. The Creative Card Track will
teach students how to design intricate greeting cards. Every student will go home with
cards that they designed and made by hand.

Photography: Kids get a hands-on crash course in photography. From portraits and
active shots to lighting and editing, students who take this course will have some
amazing photos to take home, and who knows, they may even be featured on SCC’s
social media

Epic Table Games: Students will play strategy and party-style games, but we aren’t
talking about your average Candyland or Uno. Whether it’s trying to take over Tokyo
City with a super-sized monster, working with their team to “Escape the room,” or
figuring out who the spy is at your table, you can be sure these students will have EPIC

Fishing/Disc Golf: Kids get a chance to play our custom disc golf course, and they’ll
enjoy a relaxing time fishing in SCC’s pond. The biggest question is, who will be
champion of the greatest catch?

Cake Decorating: Learn everything you need to know about beginner cake decorating
in this track. Learn how to prepare your cake from icing to final decoration. They will
also learn how to make roses and other decorations. Kids will take home a beautifully
decorated cake made by them. (This trax will be 4 days and equivalent to 2 trax)

Improv: Express yourself in a fun and unique way! Develop confidence and learn to
think on your feet. If you’re creative and love to laugh, this track is for you.

Golf: Golf track will give students the opportunity to practice their swing and learn a
little about the game of golf while playing some fun, competitive activities. “Fore!!” sure
they will have fun with this one.

Rock/Shell Painting: Students will be painting rocks and shells with paint pen markers
and acrylic paints. We will have examples for them as a guide.

Self Defense: Students will get an overview of how to protect themselves from an
attacker. They will learn escapes, blocks, strikes and defensive postures and tactics.