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Greatness Comes Through Service

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To be great, we have to get our hands dirty. We must have a servant's heart. Looking at the life of King David, we see that he had a servant's heart. He was willing to do whatever God wanted him to do. 

Scripture is clear that David struggled with sin, like you and me, but the Bible also tells us that his greatest desire was, "I want to do God's will more than anything else." 

Acts 13:22 "David does everything I ask him to do."  

I don't do everything God asks me to do, do you? Could God say that about us? David did everything God asked him to do. He had a servant's heart.  

Here are three characteristics of a servant's heart that we can glean from King David’s life:


Ps. 119:10 I have tried hard to find you—

He wanted to serve the Lord. With zeal and enthusiasm. He did it because it was a joy not a duty.

That's different than we usually see today. So often we're lukewarm, we’re apathetic, we don’t care. We say, "Get somebody else to do it. Let somebody else serve there; I don't have the time." 

But, Jesus said, “if you want to be great you must be the servant of all.” Greatness comes through service. We'll never be great until we learn to be a servant, serve other people. 


He wanted to serve God because that was what was going to count, not all the other stuff in life. David’s actions communicated, “I'm going to make my life count.” 

Some things we spend our time on are not necessarily wrong, they're just not necessary. We can still be a Christian and do a lot of things, but why would we want to? 

The good is the enemy of the great. We should get rid of trivial pursuit in our life and make our life count. Why? Because God tells us that's what it means to be a man/woman after His own heart.


David was willing to invest his time and his money.  

2 Sam. 24:24 I will not present burnt offerings to the LORD my God that have cost me nothing. 

David was going to build an altar to God and a man told him he could have his land, rocks, cattle -- that he would pay for the whole altar. David said, "No way! When it comes to serving God, I don't serve God with freebies. I don't serve God with my leftovers. I don't serve God when it doesn't cost me. I owe everything to my creator, my savior. I will never offer to the Lord that which cost me nothing!"

If we claim to be a Christian, a believer, what is it costing us? It doesn't cost us much to be a Christian in America. David said, “I'm not going to offer to the Lord anything that cost me nothing!” 

So, let’s evaluate ourselves here. How do we serve God? Half-heartedly or whole heartedly? Grudgingly or gratefully?  

David was a man after God's own heart because, when he sinned, he repented. When he was under stress he turned to God and trusted him.  And when he served he served Him wholeheartedly, freely, willingly, and sacrificially.