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Roots that are Unshakable


“The seeds that fell on rocky ground are the people who gladly hear the message and accept it. But they don’t have deep roots, and they believe only for a little while. As soon as life gets hard, they give up” (Luke 8:13 CEV).

When there are no roots and a plant is in shallow soil, it may initially sprout and look good, but it doesn’t last. The plant withers quickly because it doesn’t have roots.

A lot of times we hear God’s Word and get excited about it, but we don’t allow it to change us. We act superficially. We react emotionally. But we don’t take the time to let it sink in. It's called going through the motions. 

For a time, it appears that things are going okay. In fact, often these folks look like they're grabbing on to everything with great gusto, because they tend to bounce from one thing to another with great surface enthusiasm. But then, Jesus says, trouble hits -- crisis, loss, persecution. Because of their faith, something is demanded of them, some cost is attached, and then they discover the roots don't go deep enough to sustain life.

You want to be a person with deep spiritual roots so that when a global pandemic comes through, you’re able to keep bearing fruit. When you feel hurt, you don’t run away and shut everyone out. When the rough winds come and somebody in your family gets sick or a close friend dies, the trial doesn’t blow you away, because you’ve got roots. 

How do you develop spiritual roots?

You do it by having a daily time with God and also by intentionally connecting with other believers. You need both. 

So what kind of depth is in your life?
Are you doing what you read in the Bible?
Are you in deep community these days?
Are you willing to stay in a place long enough to let your roots grow?