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5 Steps to Getting God's Guidance


Yesterday We talked about the four things we've got to stop doing in order to live Spirit-led lives. In order to discern his voice. In order to know where he is guiding us. So, now, what are the five things we start doing? These are all very easy to understand. Number one, if I want to get guidance from God... 1. I must be WANT to do what God says. Psalm 40:8 I take joy...

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Four "Stops" to Getting God's Guidance


The Bible tells us that life is a journey, and that God has given us a roadmap, the Bible. That God has given us a compass, that's our conscience that keeps us headed in the right direction if we listen to it, and that God has even given us a personal guidance counselor, and he is the Holy Spirit. How do we hear God speak to us? How do we learn to get God's will in our li...

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Finding Joy in Hard Relationships


If we're going to be in relationships, we're going to be hurt. There will be misunderstandings, there will be conflict, there will be apathy, there will be inconsiderate remarks, even with people we love deeply.How we handle that hurt will make the difference whether we have joy or whether we have resentment in our life or marriage or relationship. The problem is that it...

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3 Reasons We Can Have Joy No Matter What


Psalms 62:8 O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge. God is in control. He can repair the unrepairable. He can control the uncontrollable. He can help us where it doesn't look like there's any hope in the situation. If we let Him into our life, focus on His power rather than our problem, we will have joy. If we focus on o...

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Relationships That Last


How do we experience joy in our relationships? Like, real, lasting joy? Whether it's in our marriages or relationships with friends and family, we have to do something that goes against what culture teaches. One of the secrets to experiencing joy and fulfillment in a relationship is to focus on giving rather than receiving. Sounds obvious? Okay, but how many of us actual...

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Overwhelmed to Overflowing


Today I want us to look at the subject of moving from being overwhelmed to overflowing. I want to begin by explaining two fundamentally different approaches to life. We can approach life with a shortage mindset, or we can approach life with a surplus mindset. Big, big difference. A SHORTAGE mindset: I never have ENOUGH and NEVER WILL. That's going to leave us feeling ove...

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Faith: Is That How it Works? (Part 1)


How does the Holy Spirit develop faith in our lives? How do we apply faith in our life and relationships? What does a faith(full) life look like? Last weekend I spent some time with a Pastor friend if mine. We ended up reminiscing about going to Haiti together several times. We talked about the progress on the Orphanage. We discussed all the new church plants. We remember...

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Faith: Is That How it Works? (Part 2)


Faith is really not that COMPLICATED. In fact, it's so simple that when I give you the definition some of you are going to be very disappointed. When we're finished what I want you to do is to take the definition I give you and to run it back through your life experience. What you are going to find is this definition explains a lot in your life. Hebrews 11:1 Faith is [He...

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Do You Feel Forgiven?


A lot of us think the wrong thing about God. Some people think that God's out to get them. Some people, who are even believers, whenever they have a problem they start thinking, "God's getting even with me." Something goes wrong in their life and they think, "He's getting even with me. I didn't tithe this month. God's getting revenge." Does God really act like this? Is He...

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Battling Depressive Thoughts with Scripture


If you're acting depressed, it's because you feel depressed. And if you're feeling depressed it's because you're thinking depressed thoughts. If you want to get out of your depression, you change the way you think. You are transformed by the renewing of your mind. You have to change your mind. How do you do that? How do I wash out the depressive thoughts in my mind? Ther...

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