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Video: 3 Truths About God's Goodness

No matter what life throws at you, these3truthsare a solid foundation, because God'sgoodnessnever changes. You can listen to this devotion as a podcast, here. ...

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Video: How to Relax and Stop Worrying Part 2

In all of history,worryinghas never solved a single problem. Not one. But, worship and prayer can make a difference. If you struggle with feelings of worry, here is how you can find freedom. If you prefer to listen to this devotion as a podcast, CLICK HERE. ...

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Video: How to Relax and Stop Worrying Part 1

How do you handle feelings of worry in your life? Here are four things that, if you will do them, will replace the worry in your life with peace. If you'd prefer to listen to this devotion as a podcast, CLICK HERE. ...

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5 Things to Remember When You Are in a Season of Waiting


Few things make us more irritable than having towait. And yet, waiting is an important part of life and character development.We learn things while we are waiting that we wouldn't learn any other way. Every child must learn the difference between; "No" and"Not Yet."and, because we are God's children, we must learn that same lesson. Waiting on God's timing. Trusting in God...

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Video Devotion: How to Reduce Stress

If you would like toreducethestresslevel in your life, Jesus is the answer. Here's what exchanging yourstressfor His peace looks like. You can listen to this devotion as a podcast, here! ...

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The Freedom We Find in Forgiveness


What's keeping you from forgiving someone who's hurt you? If you've been hurt deeply, you may hesitate to forgive because you're not ready to trust that person again. Here's something to remember: Forgiveness and trust do not necessarily go hand in hand. Forgiveness is instant; trust must be rebuilt over time. Forgiveness is based on grace; trust is built on works. You e...

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Video Devotion: What Do I Do When I Feel Lonely?

You weren't created to go through life alone. But, how should a Christian respond to feelings or seasons of loneliness? Watch to find out, or listen to the podcast version of this devotion, HERE. ...

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3 Things Unresolved Conflict Does


Romans 12:17-18 (NIV)"Do not repay evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." "If it is possible as far as it depends on you."What is God's Word saying here? God says, "I recognize that some people you can't live at peace with." People who, no matter what you do they...

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Video Devotion: 4 Reasons We are Better Together

A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.A bundle of sticks is hard to break.Here are four reasons why you need other believers close to you. ...

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Video Devotion: Transformed by Our Troubles

God's number one purpose for your life is that you become like Jesus Christ.But, what tools does God use to make us more like his son?One of the main tools God uses to make us more like Jesus is throughourproblems.Find out how God can take bad things that happen to us and turn them into good, and a tool to transform us. ...

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